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Monthly Archives: June 2017

Best Open Source Load Balancing Software | 2019

Load Balancing is the process by which inbound Internet protocol (IP) traffic can be distributed across multiple servers. This enhances the performance of the servers, leads to their optimal use, and ensures that no single server is overwhelmed. Read More: Top … Read more »

Top 10 Cloud Based Facility Management Software | 2019

Cloud Based Facility Management Software involves overseeing the physical operations of a commercial building. This includes general building maintenance, heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC), plumbing and energy efficiency. Top 10 Cloud Based Facility Management Software: QUICKFMS Cloud Based Facility … Read more »

Best Brand Advocacy Software | 2019

Brand advocates are customers ( Referrals ) who passionately and proactively recommend your brand to anyone and everyone within their circle of influence, without any expectations in return. Best Brand Advocacy Software: PROMOTO Advocate Marketing Software Solution | Promoto. Promoto is … Read more »

Best Telemedicine Software | 2019

Telemedicine software is the platform used by providers to connect with patients, and share video and images. It can be integrated with a provider’s electronic health record and scheduling systems. Best Telemedicine Software: DOXY Telemedicine Solution – Simple, Free, and … Read more »

Top 10 RV Park Reservation Software | 2019

RV Park Reservation is a complex software application that provides you with the means to efficiently manage your rental business. With the help of a reservation grid, you are able to handle all types of rentals while tracking available sites. … Read more »

Best Network Diagram Software | 2019

A network diagram is the graphical depiction of the computer network. Typically a network diagram will include a visual schematic identifying computer devices and communication devices within the entire network. Network monitoring tools are used within most enterprise production networks. Best … Read more »

Best SQL Database Backup Software | 2019

SQL Server backup is copy of your data in your database which can be used to restore your data in case of a failure in your production environment or in your data platform. SQL Database Backup is an easy-to-use and … Read more »

Top 10+ SQL Server Monitoring Tools | 2019

SQL Server is a program that is designed to store a database and provide access to this data from other programs. SQL Server includes support for the XML language and the HTTP protocol, means for improving performance and availability, allowing … Read more »

Top 6 Open Source Cloud Computing Software | 2019

Cloud Computing is a collection of IT resources, such as computing resources (servers), disk space (data warehouses), network equipment, communication channels, software (operating systems, databases, application applications). Cloud Software Models: Private Cloud Community cloud Public cloud Hybrid cloud IaaS (Infrastructure … Read more »

Best Call Center Knowledge Base Software | 2019

Knowledge Base Software for Call Centers dramatically improves incident resolution time, creating a delightful experience for your customers. Customers can go find answers in the knowledge base or FAQ for their requests themselves, instead of raising a ticket or calling … Read more »

Top 10 Open Source Collaboration Software | 2019

Open Source Collaborative Software is a type of computer program that facilitates the sharing of data between multiple computers. The majority of modern collaboration solutions are web-based and work directly in the browser without needing any additional standalone applications. Top Open … Read more »

Top 10 Personalized Email Marketing Software | 2019

Personalized Email marketing is a commercial (advertising) appeal to a group of people who use e-mail in everyday life for business and personal communication. Advantages of e-mail marketing: Low cost of support and development. Once you have created a system of … Read more »

Best Google Adwords Campaign Management Software | 2019

Google AdWords is a contextual advertising service with a convenient and simple interface that provides many tools for creating effective advertisements. AdWords is suitable for all types of companies: both giant holdings and very small firms. AdWords is one of … Read more »

Top 15 PPC Management Companies | 2019

PPC (pay per click) is a kind of advertising on the Internet, in which the advertiser pays for every click made by the user to go to the site. Advertising PPC-ads are placed on the network with the help of … Read more »

Top 10 Advertising Agency Project Management Software | 2019

Advertising Agencies offer a variety of promotion services to their clients. The main services are creating, planning and handling advertising activities required to achieve clients goals. ERP and Project Management software that gives you the power to streamline your entire agency, … Read more »

Top 10 Online Performance Management Software | 2019

Performance management tools are resources that are utilized by human resources and management personnel to evaluate and hopefully enhance the performance of employees in the workplace. Top 10 Online Performance Management Software: ASPIRATION Aspiration specialises in cloud hosted agile performance … Read more »

Top 10 Free It Asset Management Software | 2019

Free It Asset Management Software is a software product designed to help people keep track of their assets. Asset Management Software can be used by both businesses and individuals. A number of software companies make programs of this nature, including … Read more »

Top 10 Church Presentation Software | 2019

Church Presentation Software allows the church to present song lyrics, Scripture verses, announcements, and sermon notes to the congregation, typically on large screens at the front of the sanctuary or auditorium. Top 10 Church Presentation Software: PROCLAIMONLINE Proclaim Church Presentation … Read more »

Top 10 Interactive Presentation Software | 2019

Interactive Presentation Software is a tool used to create visual presentations. These presentations are usually delivered in a slide show format, and can be created with a variety of programs. Top 10 Interactive Presentation Software: DESIGNCAP DesignCap allows anyone to … Read more »

Top 10 Seo Company In Malaysia | 2019

SEO (search engine optimization) Malaysia, is one of the hottest acronyms in the online marketing world right now. When you have good SEO, search engines like Bing, Yahoo, Google, Yandex will place you higher in their rankings. Top 10 Seo … Read more »