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Monthly Archives: July 2017

Top 11 Free And Open Source GIS Software

Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping is the practice of turning geographic data into usable visual references for analysis. The modern process of GIS mapping incorporates various tools, including computer hardware and GIS mapping software, to accomplish this objective. Top Free And Open Source … Read more »

Top 10 Cloud Based Hotel Management Software

Cloud Based Hotel Management is an easy to operate user friendly, economically priced software that Committed to meet the all requirements to manage small, medium and big scale hotels. Top 10 Cloud Based Hotel Management Software: EZEEABSOLUTE Hotel Management System … Read more »

Best Free And Open Source Hotel Management Software

Hotel Management Software  is a type of properly management system that facilitates the management of hotel operations and functions; main operations such as front office, sales, planning, and accounting. Functions – Guest bookings, Guest details, Point of sale, Telephony, Accounts … Read more »

Best Open Source Project Management Software

Open source project management software is another technology that for certain level is pivotal to enhance business performance. Simply like another software system to support a business, you will meet with a myriad of options either for the paid or the … Read more »

Best Human Capital Management Software

Human capital management is the strategic handling of a company’s employees so that their attributes are used to provide the best economic value. A typical human capital software system will help with three major functions: daily human resource management, workforce … Read more »

Top 10 Open Source ERP Software For Small Business

Enterprise Resource Planning provides automation of planning, accounting, control and analysis of all business processes. ERP system consists of a set of different software modules that support the automation of subject areas of activity. Top 10 Open Source ERP Software … Read more »

Top 10 Cross Platform Mobile App Development Tools

Cross platform app development is a practice of developing software products or services which we can run on any platform like ios, android, blackberry, java, windows etc. Cross platform development aids in reducing the overall cost and it also takes … Read more »

Top 10 Cloud Based Event Management Software

Event Management Software is not an easy task. Lots of people can demonstrate to this by desirable quality of their understanding. Cloud Based Event Administration software plays a key role to make confident that you have a straight day as you … Read more »

Best B2B Lead Generation Software

B2B Lead Generation Software it is a digital marketing tool that can allow a business to automate tasks such as acquiring, categorizing and distributing leads which, when used effectively, can make a company’s overall marketing efforts more efficient and create high ROI. Best B2B Lead Generation Software: … Read more »

Best Lead Generation Software

Lead Generation Software it is a digital marketing tool that can allow a business to automate tasks such as acquiring, categorizing and distributing leads which, when used effectively, can make a company’s overall marketing efforts more efficient and create high ROI. Best Lead Generation Software: JUMPLEAD Jumplead … Read more »

Top 15 Digital Marketing Agency For Small Businesses

Digital marketing is a form of advertising directed at those who use any type of new media resource. A digital marketing agency is different from your traditional marketing agency in that they are typically focused on results-based marketing in the … Read more »

Top 10 Open Source Backup Software

Open Source Backup Software is software which is designed to automate the process of backing up, making it easier and ensuring that people back up their files routinely.  Regular backups are strongly recommended for computer users, as data loss can … Read more »

Top 10 Structured Settlement Companies

Structured Settlement is a financial arrangement in which an individual or entity is issued a series of payments until the total amount of the settlement has been received. Settlements of this type are normally very detailed, and include a payment … Read more »

Top 10 Legal Funding Companies

There are many different types of legal funding (Structured Settlement Funding) — funding for plaintiffs, for defendants, and even for law firms, depending on the circumstances. One of the most well-known types of legal funding is legal aid funding, which … Read more »

Top 10 Twitter Marketing Software

Twitter marketing is not a dirty term, it’s just that many people have made it seem that way by simply creating accounts, followed as many people as they can and thrown links at them to follow. This is not what … Read more »

Top 10 Donor Management Software

Donor Management Software is a tool for tracking and organizing many of the tasks associated with an organization’s donors and fundraising efforts. Donor management software may also help with fundraising efforts such as keeping track of grant deadlines, prospects, and research. … Read more »

Best Nonprofit Accounting Software

Non-profit accounting software refers to web-based or desktop software that non-profit organizations can use to manage their financial affairs. Best Nonprofit Accounting Software: APLOS Online Nonprofit Software | Aplos. Online software made for nonprofits and churches that makes it simple to … Read more »

Best Nonprofit Management Software

Non Profit Management Software lets you target specific donors with ease and sophistication. Knowing exactly what was said and when is the key to increasing your fundraising and developing long-term relationships with your donors and members. Best Nonprofit Management Software: NEONCRM … Read more »

Top 5 Free Demo MLM Software

Multi Level Marketing (MLM) , also known as referral level or network marketing, offers you a a commission not only for your own product sales, but also for the sales of those you recommend for the program. Top Free Demo … Read more »

Top 10 Open Source Database Software

Open Source Database Software Management Software is a suite of software applications that together make it possible for people or businesses to store, modify, and extract information from a database. Top 10 Open Source Database Software: FIREBIRDSQL Firebird: The true … Read more »

Top 10 Business Continuity Services

Business continuity service is a business that helps client organizations to locate areas where they risk exposure to occurrences that can hinder and even stop operations. Business continuity professionals often help client businesses to make plans for how operations might continue … Read more »

Best White Label Email Marketing Software

White Label Email Marketing Software is ideal for marketing service providers, creative agencies, web developers or software companies who want to offer email marketing solutions to their customers. Best White Label Email Marketing Software: CONTACTOLOGY Email Marketing Software | Email … Read more »