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Daily Archives: June 26, 2017

Top 10+ SQL Server Monitoring Tools

SQL Server is a program that is designed to store a database and provide access to this data from other programs. SQL Server includes support for the XML language and the HTTP protocol, means for improving performance and availability, allowing … Read more »

Top 6 Open Source Cloud Computing Software

Cloud Computing is a collection of IT resources, such as computing resources (servers), disk space (data warehouses), network equipment, communication channels, software (operating systems, databases, application applications). Cloud Software Models: Private Cloud Community cloud Public cloud Hybrid cloud IaaS (Infrastructure … Read more »

Top 10 Web Based Applicant Tracking Systems

Web Based ATS ( Applicant Tracking System ) are generally used by large businesses and HR agencies but nowadays more and more small companies are willing to use them. Furthermore, there is a wide range of software specially created for … Read more »

Best Call Center Knowledge Base Software

Knowledge Base Software for Call Centers dramatically improves incident resolution time, creating a delightful experience for your customers. Customers can go find answers in the knowledge base or FAQ for their requests themselves, instead of raising a ticket or calling … Read more »