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How Does the Right Technology Stack Affect the Health of an Application?

Ask any app user, and you would see that the most important aspect for them is a stable and secure application. Their data should be stored and retrieved with ease, and the data should be managed securely.

While user interface and experience are important, it is the stability that lures the user to the app and makes it more convenient and usable.

Choosing the right technology stack helps manage the data, ensures safe applications and improves the health of the application.

The technology stack is basically made up of different technologies, and each one is responsible for a particular action.

For instance, there is a technology to manage the backend, while the other technology will control the database.

Now, before we move onto understand how to choose the ideal technology stack that can improve the overall health of the application, let us understand what a technology stack is.

Technology Stack: Overview

The technology stack is basically the solution stack that you will choose for a particular problem.

It will take into account all the technologies that can be used for developing a single application.

You will need to consider technologies to develop the application and manage the data.

Your technology stack will also include frameworks for utilities and DevOps. You can create a single application using all these technologies.

Technology Stack Boosts Web Application

The perfect recipe for a technology stack is when you choose the apt technologies for frontend and backend. The popular technologies for the backend that you can choose from are LAMP, WAMP and MEAN stack.

For the frontend, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are still the main technologies.

When considering the choice, there are a few things you might want to think through.

We will talk about all the main points that will help you make the right choice.

Consider the Project Requirements

When you are planning the tech stack, the first thing to consider is what your project needs, and what kind of technology can improve the success of the technology.

As the manager of the project, you should ideally discuss the requirements in detail with the technology partner.

For instance, if you want the data to be exchanged in real-time, then the technology stack would vary as against feed that can be refreshed in a few minutes.

Experience of the Team

When you are hiring the team for a particular project, you need to understand whether they are capable to offer that kind of experience or not.

So, when you are choosing a particular technology stack, make sure you understand the kind of experience needed and the type of expertise the key people from the partner company can offer.

If your team is not knowledgeable enough in that particular technology, there is no point in opting for the stack.

The Growth Prospects

Are you planning to scale your business in the near future?

Is the technology stack you plan to choose scalably?

When you are able to answer these two questions affirmatively, you can go ahead and opt for the technology.

The application will scale with the growing business needs, and the technology you have chosen should be able to manage the load and efficiently handle the new business model.

The scalability is of two kinds:

  • Horizontal – wherein there is an increase in the number of users.
  • Vertical – wherein you will add new features to meet the target market’s expectations.

So, when deciding the technology stack, make sure your tech stack is ready for both kinds of scalability. In addition, programming languages that you choose should also be flexible and efficient.

Easy to Maintain

When you create an application, you are also responsible for the maintenance of the application.

You will need to work thoroughly on maintaining and efficiently upgrading it to meet the new features of the upgraded tech version.

When choosing the technology stack, you should ideally check if the stack is reusable and mobile.

Maintenance should also consider the scalability of the app solution without reducing the effectiveness and efficiency of the earlier app solution.

The codebase is another aspect that you need to maintain. Make sure your codebase is precise and does not require too much of debugging or a lengthy coding process.

Enhance App Security

The tech stack should be such that it can offer security and increase app safety.

The data should be exchanged in a safe environment, and the app’s data retrieval and storage process should be secure.

The users should feel comfortable accessing the app and entering their details. And if your technology stack is unable to offer this level of security, then you might need to reconsider your choice.

So, make sure you check the strength of the technology you’re choosing and how effective it is.

Check for Performance

Whether it is a small application or a large scale complex application, you need to make sure that the performance of the app is seamless, and your app does not falter under load.

The app’s speed should be consistent despite the increase in load.

For this, you will need to ask your application development partner to help you choose an efficient technology stack that is adequate for high-performance.

Summing Up

An end-to-end app solution begins with the app idea.

However, the development is not as simple as it seems.

You will need to choose the right technologies, make sure you have designed an app in accordance with the guidelines and optimize the resulting app for the app store.

The right technology partner will help you choose a good tech stack, and will ensure that all the design and development standards have been met.

The choice of technology will ensure smooth development for your app.

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