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Daily Archives: March 30, 2017

Best Structured Settlement Brokers List

A structured settlement broker, also known as an annuity broker, is a professional specifically trained in negotiating and facilitating a payout schedule for a monetary settlement that has been awarded to an individual or family as the result of a … Read more »

Top 10 Nonprofit Board Management Software

Nonprofit Board Management Software is at the vanguard in terms of data security and discoverability, offering organizations the opportunity to be intentional with the security of their platforms by allowing them to manage settings and control the level of access … Read more »

Best Open Source Ticketing Management System Software

Open Source Ticket Management System integrates all the tools necessary to ensure prompt and seamless resolution of customer inquiries. The more you automate, the more your service reps can focus on what is important – creating exceptional customer relationships. Best … Read more »

Top 7 Open Source Budgeting Software

Open Source Budgeting Software that will improve budgeting accuracy and reliability, provide greater transparency and accountability, and support increased levels of cost challenge. With a budget established, forecasting is the lifeblood of project controls: predicting the outcome based on current … Read more »

Best Personal Injury Case Management Software

Personal Injury Case Management Software is designed specifically for the Personal Injury team enabling them to handle larger case loads more profitably for claims including: road traffic accident, trips /slips, employers’ liability/public liability, medical negligence and industrial disease. Best Personal … Read more »

Best Open Source IVR Software

Best Open Source IVR Software allows a company to use recorded voice prompts and menus to present information and options to callers, and touch tone telephone keypad entry to gather responses. Best Open Source IVR Software: 1. ASTERISK Open Source Communications … Read more »

List Of Top Mobile App Development Companies In Dubai UAE

Mobile App Development Companies List In Dubai providing professional-level services from mobile business applications to entertainment applications. In this post, you’ll find the best and most innovative mobile app development companies in the Dubai. List Of Mobile App Development Companies In … Read more »