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Monthly Archives: August 2017

Top 10 Medical Store Software – Best Systems | 2019

Medical Stores Software used for handling the medicine stock, customer transactions, ledger balance and stock reports. InventoryPlus medical shop management software solve all your issues of managing the medical shop. Top Medical Store Software: MARGCOMPUSOFT GST Software | GST Billing … Read more »

Top 10 Free and Open Source Accounting Software | 2019

Accounting Software can be useful for such functions as recording and processing accounts receivable and accounts payable transactions. Some software applications can be used in payroll processing, the documentation of tax transactions, and the creation of related reports. Top Ten Free … Read more »

Best Pricing Optimization Software | 2019

Pricing Optimization Software is any kind of computer program that allows managers to improve profits and meet projected customer demand by developing more effective pricing strategies. This software normally enables users to make better retail pricing decisions by providing them … Read more »

Best Jail Management Software | 2019

Managing jails and correctional facilities effectively without the right tools is impossible. From the initial intake and booking to the release of an inmate into probation and supervision, you need corrections software that provides all the necessary functions and features … Read more »

Top 7 Free And Open Source Real Estate CRM Software | 2019

Free And Open Source Real Estate Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software created for real estate agents with the purpose to manage sales, automate business processes that take place in real estate agencies, keep better track of customers, prospects, business partners. … Read more »

Top 7 Free Cloud Based Help Desk Software | 2019

Free Cloud Based Help Desk Software is made so company websites can allow users to enter tickets and ask questions on technical issues or just gain more information. Anyone implementing open source help desk software should be sure it includes … Read more »

Top 10 Live Customer Support Software | 2019

Online web chat software is an advance tool which allows user to communicate with website visitors or customer to provide them online assistance. Software enable company representatives to send instant answer to all their queries and problems by using pre … Read more »

Top 19 Hedge Fund Software | 2019

A hedge fund is similar to most other investment funds because money is invested with the goal of increasing this investment. A hedge fund differs simply because of the type of investment strategy. Choosing the best hedge fund software program … Read more »

Top 7 Seo Company in Bristol | 2019

SEO (search engine optimization) in Bristol, is one of the hottest acronyms in the online marketing world right now. When you have good SEO, search engines like Bing, Yahoo, Google, Yandex will place you higher in their rankings. High search … Read more »

Top 10 Warehouse Management (WMS) Software Systems | 2019

The WMS system is software designed to automate warehouse accounting and optimize all business processes. The implementation of WMS solutions will significantly speed up the implementation of various warehouse operations. Most programs have a standard set of functions, but the … Read more »

Top 13 Call logging Software | 2019

Call logging is the process of collecting phone call data, analysing this data, and then reporting on the telephone network’s cost, performance, capacity and quality of service. It should not be confused with telephone tapping or call recording. Call logging … Read more »

Top 10 Social Media Analytics Software | 2019

Social media is a term for very recent innovations in the online and wireless world, including sites like Twitter and Facebook, as well as alternative communication methods such as VK, generally enabled by smart phone wireless technologies. Companies are exploring … Read more »

12 Best Open Source Ecommerce Software Solutions (Updated) | 2019

Ecommerce refers to buying and selling conducted online through the Internet. Software consists of the programs and routines that control how computer hardware functions and operates. Ecommerce software refers to computer programs meant to further the operation of businesses that operate on the World Wide … Read more »

Top 10 Rated Colocation Services | 2019

A colocation is a communication service, the essence of which is that the Internet provider places the server (or other equipment) of the client in the data center and connects it to high-bandwidth communication channels. Availability of backup power supply; … Read more »

Top 10 Legal Contract Management Software | 2019

Legal Contract Management Software is known by many names and ever more variations of software functionality. Contract management, contract lifecycle management, and contracting software terms are familiar terms in a category that is still being defined in a quickly developing … Read more »

Best Physical Security Information Management Software | 2019

Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) software provides a platform and series of applications that can integrate unconnected security devices and applications, where they can be managed and controlled through one comprehensive user interface. The system collects and correlates events from existing … Read more »

Best Heatmap Software | 2019

A Heatmap is a graphical representation of data where values are expressed as colours. Heatmaps provide an effective visual summary of information, because they synthesize data and then present it in a pictorial form. Its major advantage as a presentation … Read more »

Top 10 Open Source School Management Software | 2019

Open Source School Management System Software that helps school managers to effectively manage the day to day operations of a school such as attendance, fee collection, admission, exam reports, assessments. Best Open Source School Management System Software: OPENSIS Open Source Student Information … Read more »