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Choose to Eliminate Admin Rights

Virtualization of networks and computer servers has now made it possible for us to work from anywhere in the world at any time. There is no longer the concern of getting to the office to get the information you need when you can access it

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Least Privilege and Password Management Software

Password management software is an important part of any security policy that relies on the concept of least privilege. This software allows you to exercise full control over user’s habits with their passwords, forcing changes at whatever intervals you find appropriate and making sure that users set

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Use least privilege Access For Most and Users

Rather than follow the least privilege law that says that only certain people need to have admin rights and that you should delegate rights to people based on their work needs, many companies are giving everyone in the company full admin privileges! What are the reasons that

Top 6 Best Least Privilege Management Software

What is Least Privilege? Least privilege is a security concept that sounds simple on the face of it, but that can be difficult to manage at times. The idea is that each user with access to a given network or individual resource is given only the amount