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Daily Archives: May 27, 2017

Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Software

Affiliate Marketing Software has been gaining in popularity because businesses do not have to spend time adding features, upgrading or communicating directly with affiliates. This type of hosted affiliate software provides its members with a database of affiliate programs to … Read more »

Top 10 Mobile Marketing Software

Mobile marketing technologies are also found all over the Internet and are accessed by consumers who get online at home, school, and work. Advertisements are commonly placed on popular websites and social media channels, and are even included in software … Read more »

Best Reporting Software For Small Business

Reporting Software provides the means for companies to design and create reports based around the data they collect as a business. Reporting Software often includes the ability to create dynamic and intuitive reports with an easy to use interface. Best … Read more »

Top 10 Public Cloud Providers

Public Cloud Provides: Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)-based solutions that enable companies to secure “all network and access aspects” of their public cloud IaaS deployments. In other words, it adds a layer of protection on top of virtual infrastructures from cloud providers. Public … Read more »

Top 10 Private Cloud Providers

Private Cloud is an attempt to preserve many of the advantages of cloud computing, including lower hardware costs and dynamic scalability, while maintaining some level of control over physical computing resources. It addresses the privacy and security that have kept … Read more »

Top 10 Hybrid Cloud Providers

Hybrid cloud provides businesses a combination of public and cloud resources, which makes it more cost-efficient, affordable and very secure. Hybrid cloud solutions segment each business task is processed in the appropriate cloud. Cloud is among the terms used frequently … Read more »