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Yearly Archives: 2019

Top 7 Marketing Consulting Firms List | 2019

Many companies hire marketing consultants on the basis to help develop strategy for a new products or to give staff information about new marketing opportunities or techniques. But studies have shown that these short “seminar” style programs are of limited … Read more »

Top 7 Call Logging Software | 2019

A call logging software, or call logger, is a software program that is used for recording conversations on phones. In landlines, the call logger is typically built-in to the telephone. In modern cell phones, there are software applications that can be … Read more »

Top 3 Asset Management Outsourcing Companies | 2019

Asset management outsourcing trends continue to rise as companies seek ways to reduce internal costs. Endowments and foundations are becoming increasingly interested in securing third party outsource providers to manage their investments. What Is Asset Management Outsourcing? The definition varies … Read more »

Top 11 CAD Outsourcing Service Providers | 2019

When it comes to CAD outsourcing one should follow the same guidelines as you would for any other kind of technical outsourcing project. That being said there are some specific areas that will require more attention than others. The purpose … Read more »