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Daily Archives: April 23, 2020

Business-grade Free Online PDF to Excel Converter

Portable document format a.k.a PDF is a de facto standard for exchanging electronic documents. Even though its convenience became apparent right after Adobe introduced it back in 1993, its usefulness has never never been greater than today when we juggle … Read more »

Photo Stitcher: Combine and Merge Photos on Win/Mac

With the ever-growing technology, it is easy and efficient to take, edit, and merge pictures these days. With the right set of tools, you can quickly produce top-quality, surprising, and appealing images. Even when using your smartphone, you can still … Read more »

7 Benefits of Quality Assurance Testing

Software is a pivotal part in your business. As we know, the ready-to-operate software in the marketplace is available for various platforms. And we seldom meet the problems when using those software. But before the mature version of the software … Read more »