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Monthly Archives: March 2020

5 Ways How AI Is Changing B2B Marketing

You may not agree with the fact that B2B marketing and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are a match made in heaven. The truth is, Artificial Intelligence as it is today is changing a lot of things in our lives, and B2B … Read more »

Best Mobile App Analytics Platforms in 2020

For mobile applications the following types of analytics are determining: Marketing – specialists analyze promotion channels and determine which of them is the most profitable Product – analyze customer behavior in the application. Specialists are looking for an answer to … Read more »

Top 4 Customer Service Mistakes To Avoid

Providing quality customer service experiences is a focal point for many businesses today. Poor customer service not only risks damaging your business’ brand and reputation, but it is also costly. Each year, poor quality customer service costs businesses $62 billion. … Read more »

Should You Major in a Foreign Language?

Sometimes stereotyped as a ‘useless’ humanities degree, language degrees typically aren’t the center of the spotlight compared to other ‘useful’ degrees such as medicine, business, accounting, and etc. If you took up foreign languages as a degree or currently a … Read more »

5 Best Machine Learning Frameworks of 2020

Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence have become the buzz words of today in the tech-dominated world. So much so that professionals and enthusiasts alike have started to gravitate towards the technology in order to reap the career benefits machine learning, … Read more »

10 Useful Software to Manage Teamwork

Collaboration tools and workplace management software helps manage teamwork. Software that boosts team productivity and collaboration has a considerable contribution to the team’s success. The interesting fact about such software is that these tools and collaboration systems are available in … Read more »

Top Five Most Versatile Virtual Classroom Platforms in 2020

The e-Learning environment is expanding, with numerous students taking online classes, attending online colleges, and finishing online courses. It doesn’t end there, as over 98% of companies and organizations plan on taking advantage of new technologies to offer continuous training … Read more »

Industries That Are Vulnerable To Digital Disruption

Whether you already have CRM, automation or machine-learning technology in place or are looking for ways to upgrade your business model and customer servicing functionality going forward, digital disruption is an important point of contempt to keep in mind going … Read more »

Top 4 Best Google Chrome Adblocker Extension

Online advertisement getting more popular at this present time, for that reason, a single internet user suffered online advertisement when browsing the internet. Online advertisement decreases our browsing experience, slow down and website takes long to open, but it has … Read more »