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Daily Archives: July 5, 2017

Top 10 Twitter Marketing Software

Twitter marketing is not a dirty term, it’s just that many people have made it seem that way by simply creating accounts, followed as many people as they can and thrown links at them to follow. This is not what … Read more »

Top 10 Donor Management Software

Donor Management Software is a tool for tracking and organizing many of the tasks associated with an organization’s donors and fundraising efforts. Donor management software may also help with fundraising efforts such as keeping track of grant deadlines, prospects, and research. … Read more »

Best Nonprofit Accounting Software

Non-profit accounting software refers to web-based or desktop software that non-profit organizations can use to manage their financial affairs. Best Nonprofit Accounting Software: APLOS Online Nonprofit Software | Aplos. Online software made for nonprofits and churches that makes it simple to … Read more »

Best Nonprofit Management Software

Non Profit Management Software lets you target specific donors with ease and sophistication. Knowing exactly what was said and when is the key to increasing your fundraising and developing long-term relationships with your donors and members. Best Nonprofit Management Software: NEONCRM … Read more »

Top 5 Free Demo MLM Software

Multi Level Marketing (MLM) , also known as referral level or network marketing, offers you a a commission not only for your own product sales, but also for the sales of those you recommend for the program. Top Free Demo … Read more »