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Daily Archives: July 16, 2017

Top 11 Free And Open Source GIS Software

Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping is the practice of turning geographic data into usable visual references for analysis. The modern process of GIS mapping incorporates various tools, including computer hardware and GIS mapping software, to accomplish this objective. Top Free And Open Source … Read more »

Top 10 Cloud Based Hotel Management Software

Cloud Based Hotel Management is an easy to operate user friendly, economically priced software that Committed to meet the all requirements to manage small, medium and big scale hotels. Top 10 Cloud Based Hotel Management Software: EZEEABSOLUTE Hotel Management System … Read more »

Best Free And Open Source Hotel Management Software

Hotel Management Software  is a type of properly management system that facilitates the management of hotel operations and functions; main operations such as front office, sales, planning, and accounting. Functions – Guest bookings, Guest details, Point of sale, Telephony, Accounts … Read more »