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Monthly Archives: November 2017

Top 10 Essentials Android Apps

If you own an Android device you must definitely need to know about some essential Android apps. Here is a list of top most popular highest ranked android apps that everyone needs. Some of these apps come built-in with Android … Read more »

Top 10 Cross-Channel Marketing Software for Small Business

Cross Channel Marketing is the use of consistent marketing messages and experiences to customers through various marketing channels, such as retail stores, websites, call centers, social media, and mobile devices. SELLIGENT Selligent omnichannel marketing platform lets relationship marketers engage in contextual messaging based on … Read more »

Top 10 Free Antivirus Software for Mac OS X

Mac OS X are not safe from viruses and other forms of malware, and you need to make sure your Mac stays protected from hackers and viruses. So go ahead and try out which one of the following free antivirus works … Read more »

Top 16 Oil and Gas Software for your Business

Oil and Gas Software is used by engineering consultants to design offshore structures. It is applied to hydrodynamic analysis, anchor analysis, and much more. SAP Use SAP software for the oil and gas industry to supply the world’s energy with … Read more »

Top 10 Client Management Software For Small Business

Managing your clients is quite important in today’s competitive business environment. It is equally important for any business to keep their clients happy. Client management software is of great help in this regard for the business owners. KOMIKO Komiko: Sales … Read more »

Top 14 Corporate Travel Management Software Solutions

Corporate Travel Management (CTM) Software manages all aspects of the travel arrangements of company’s employees (regulate, and coordinate the travel activities and expenses employees). SKYJUNXION Corporate Travel Management Solutions | Skyjunxion. With Skyjunxion your company can handle all travel and expense activity … Read more »

Best Water Management Software

The Water Management Software is a computer system designed to support the water resource management function with emphasis on water and environmental quality. ENABLON Enablon – Sustainability, EHS & Operational Risk Mgmt Software. Enablons Water Management Software manages water permits and … Read more »

Best Social CRM Software

Social CRM (SCRM) is a CRM system that allows you to manage customer relationships in a social networking environment and microblogging. Social CRM is used to find references to the company and products for a timely response. NIMBLE Social CRM Simplified. … Read more »

7 Factors That Can Limit Your Growth as A Startup

Startups are full of dedication and excitement, but the flip side is, they are full of risk and doubts as well. In reality, most startups fail because early-stage startup founders don’t know where to focus their attention when almost everything … Read more »