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Monthly Archives: January 2019

Commusoft Review

Commusoft is a cloud-based all-in-one software that allows small-to-medium field service businesses (FSM) to manage their operations from any location. It’s designed to improve business efficiency and customer experience, as well help any SMB in the field service industry scale … Read more »

Top 12 of the Employee Timesheet Software List

Maintaining a statement of the time spent by each employee at his workplace is what exactly is put on a timesheet. Timesheets are essential tools to find out the man hours invested by each individual employee for each particular job. … Read more »

Top 11 Vacation Tracking Software

Employees constitute an organization. When there are human beings involved., it is but natural that they would also like to go on leave for personal reasons. So the next step is to plan the leave plan for each employee. An … Read more »

Top 5 Health Risk Assessment Software

Health risk assessment software has evolved with time. This advancement in health risk assessment technology has been present since the last two decades. The health risk assessment software technology has also evolved as a modern and important tool in understanding … Read more »

Top 10 Magento eCommerce Cloud Hosting Providers

Magento commerce is a great solution when it comes to e-commerce development. Magento is famous because it’s a feature-rich and SEO-friendly application. It has a comfortable interface and it’s easy to customize. It’s also important to mention that Magento is free to … Read more »

What’s Hot and What’s Not in Outsourcing

As the BPO industry enters 2019, the big tech industries seek long-term strategic associations rather than short-term solutions. The days of inexpensive remedies are over when outsourcing was merely a sideline affair. The guide will take through the current trends … Read more »

Data Cleanup Terms Explained Visually

Most businesses are data driven today and this is why it is essential for you to have quality data. Accumulating a huge pile of data that has not been sorted out or cleaned in an effective way is not going … Read more »

Top 10 Best Patch Management Software

Patch management is one of the hottest topics when it comes to the world of computers. It actually refers to the computer system’s management area wherein numerous patches are being attained, installed, and tested to a well managed system of … Read more »

Top 7 Marketing Consulting Firms List

Many companies hire marketing consultants on the basis to help develop strategy for a new products or to give staff information about new marketing opportunities or techniques. But studies have shown that these short “seminar” style programs are of limited … Read more »

10 Best eLearning Software for Authoring Courses

Finding the right eLearning software for your needs can be challenging since there are so many solutions to choose from, but it is not impossible. Most of them are characterized by the same basic features, although each has a unique … Read more »

Top 7 Call Logging Software

A call logging software, or call logger, is a software program that is used for recording conversations on phones. In landlines, the call logger is typically built-in to the telephone. In modern cell phones, there are software applications that can be … Read more »

Top 3 Asset Management Outsourcing Companies

Asset management outsourcing trends continue to rise as companies seek ways to reduce internal costs. Endowments and foundations are becoming increasingly interested in securing third party outsource providers to manage their investments. What Is Asset Management Outsourcing? The definition varies … Read more »

Top 11 CAD Outsourcing Service Providers

When it comes to CAD outsourcing one should follow the same guidelines as you would for any other kind of technical outsourcing project. That being said there are some specific areas that will require more attention than others. The purpose … Read more »